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What if all the great Artists , who are no longer here,
would be able to come back for one hour, just one hour,
to complete the last crazy idea they had before passing ?
How would that be ?

Riccardo Rossi

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Riccardo Rossi is a great lover of music
and civil theathre, of words and sounds mixed together.
Hands tiniest movements, eyes, hair, similes, bodies, pictures of moments captured and fused in his shots.
Riccardo has a great passion for black and White and for the delicate sepia brown colour
which collects an old fashioned and a modern appearance at the same time.
His frames catch the soul of people.

I adapted a phrase from the songwriter
to photography:
why photographer? for fear,
for fear that people's memories get lost,
for fear that the memory of me just fade away
or just to be protected by a shoot,
gently gliding into an image and to be no longer recognizable, controllable, blackmailable...

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